A Call To Action to Philanthropy

October 30, 2023

We are witnessing tremendous pain, fear, and destruction of civilian life in Palestine and Israel, and join feminists on the ground calling for an immediate ceasefire. It is more urgent than ever to listen to our common humanity and exercise feminist politics of care. We must support and resource the women and girls in these communities to survive, and to thrive. Only then might we start to build a world for long lasting peace. 

Prospera INWF calls on social justice philanthropy to act accordingly with their expressed commitments to human rights, anti-racism, feminist funding principles, and anti-colonialism, by supporting groups, initiatives, and feminist activism in Israel and Palestine working to denounce violence and oppression, to  generate safe spaces for gathering and organizing, and to resource their ability to act for social justice and towards sustainable peace. 

Prospera INWF’s members who resource movements in the MENA region, including Palestine, Israel, and neighboring countries; Doria Feminist Fund, Mediterranean Women’s Fund, Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism, Global Fund for Women, FRIDA, Mama Cash, Astraea, and the Equality Fund have supported movement partners for decades to 349 groups amounting to 7.6M USD in the region. They continue to mobilize resources and to work with other social justice funders to ensure that activists can provide immediate support to organizations and groups, as well as sustain feminist activism for the long-term. Prospera INWF invites you to support our members who resource  feminist movements in the Middle East and North Africa urgently.