Asia & the Pacific

Flagstaff Suva, Fiji

Women’s Fund Fiji (the Fund) is the Pacific’s first national women’s fund. We are an empathetic and adaptive feminist fund working to influence and mobilise financial and non-financial resources for feminist and women’s rights organisations and movements, so they can progress the human rights of women, girls, and gender non-conforming people in Fiji. 

The Fund began implementation in 2017 as a five-year initiative of the Australian Government’s Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development (Pacific Women) program. The Fund has committed up to AUD10.5 million from 2017 to 2022 to fund and build the capacity of women’s groups, organisations and networks in Fiji to expand and enhance their work on gender justice and human rights. We work with women’s groups, networks and organisations across four thematic areas:(i) women’s economic empowerment (WEE); (ii) ending violence against women (EVAW); (iii) women’s leadership and decision making (WLDM); and (iv) strengthening women’s groups and coalitions for change (WCC). 

In 2021, WFF registered in Fiji as a local entity under Fiji’s Charitable Trust Act.

Hong Kong

HER Fund, established in 2004, is the only women’s fund in Hong Kong committed to advancing women’s rights by grant-making, capacity building and resource-building with the priority for grassroots and marginalized women and girls.

Seoul, South Korea

KFW was established in December 1999 by the initiative of women’s organizations and social leaders who shared a firm commitment to bringing about “A New Millennium for Our Daughters.” Their first mission was to raise funds to improve women’s human rights and social status, providing KFW with an endowment of approximately 5 million US dollars. KFW began making grants to women’s organizations in 2001, and by 2014 delivered nearly 25 million US dollars in grants .

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

MONES was established on July 2000 in Ulaanbaatar and works nationally, it is the first and the only national fund that solely raises funds and gives out grants to women’s groups in Mongolia.

New Zealand​

The Pacific Feminist Fund is an independent women’s fund led by feminists, and based in the Pacific region. The Fund is for and by the Pacific women’s movement, responding to needs often overlooked by traditional funders i.e bridging the gap between changemakers of the women’s movement and the support they need to deliver with impact.

They deliver responsive and impactful support through grants to Pacific women’s organisations, women’s groups and feminist movements, who are change makers at the frontlines of gender equality and human rights. We will explore the world of gender lens investment to create a model that is sustainable and is disruptive of the current forms of investments in the Pacific.

New Delhi, India

South Asia Women Foundation India (SAWF-IN), is the national women’s fund in India. It supports women and Trans* led organisations, collectives or individual women in their endeavour to bring in gender equality in India. SAWF-IN works to generate resources from diverse donor towards strengthening women and trans* rights, and nurture indigenous feminist philanthropic network in India.

Dhapakhel, Lalitpur

Tewa is a Nepali word meaning support. Tewa was initiated by Rita Thapa in September 1995 and formally registered in April 1996. Tewa is committed to women’s empowerment and self-reliant development. 

Tewa’s groundbreaking work in local philanthropy is to empower local women’s organizations and engage the wider community. Tewa is a member of International Network of Women’s Funds (INWF), the Asian Network of Women’s Fund (ANWF), the Women’s Funding Network (WFN), and the Foundations for Peace (FFP) network.

Philippines, Australia

Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights, Asia and Pacific (UAFA&P) is a regional women’s human rights and feminist fund that protects, strengthens and sustains women and non-binary human rights defenders within the two regions at critical moments. We intervene quickly when activists are poised to make great gains or face serious threats to their lives and work. We use online, text and mobile funding applications to respond to requests from women’s human rights defenders within 72 hours and have funds on the ground within 10-15 working days.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Women’s Fund Asia is a regional women’s fund, committed to supporting women and trans* people led interventions to enhance and strengthen access to women’s and trans* people’s human rights. We envision a peaceful and egalitarian region in which women’s and trans* people’s participation, leadership and enjoyment of all their human rights is ensured and secure.