Prospera’s Strategic Framework


In 2022, Prospera’s fund members alongside the network’s Board and secretariat team, dedicated a full year to collectively build our strategic framework for the next decade.

Prospera’s strategic framework was devised to embody our collective power. It served not only as a profound strategic visioning process but also as an opportunity to explore how to conduct strategic planning for a diverse and complex network like Prospera in a feminist and participatory manner.

Our year-long process had two interrelated goals: first, to chart a strategic path for the next decade, and second, to strengthen the community and health of our network.

Prospera’s members were at the center of the process. Together, we engaged in discussions, shared dreams, and collectively defined our vision. Acknowledging the significance of the process itself, we prioritized care and connection, embraced time and language justice, and integrated mindful practices that nurtured our spirits throughout the process.

This is the essence of collective power: taking the time to pause, reflect, and develop a strategic framework for the next decade. This framework will shape every action the network takes as we continue to transform power and shift practices within the global aid ecosystem, uplifting the voice, leadership, and influence of diverse women and feminist movements.

Delve into the executive summary of our Strategic Framework process here.