Key learnings, reflections, and recommendations from the Asia and Pacific chapter of the Prospera International Network of Women’s Funds

Authors: Leaine Robinson and Iris Low with contributions from members of the Asia and Pacific Chapter

Illustration and design: Kruthika NS (@theworkplacedoodler)


This report documents the learnings and experiences of eight women’s funds in grant management and resource mobilisation with its myriad of grantee partners to address the impact of COVID-19. The eight women’s funds are from the Prospera International Network of Women’s Funds, Asia, and the Pacific regional chapter. The learnings and experiences captured in this report affirm the key role of women’s funds, which is to mobilise and distribute resources to feminist, and women’s rights movements. Based on a learning circle methodology, this report explores how women’s funds moved quickly and collectively, adapting to a rapidly changing context to ensure support reached those who need it most. The eight women’s funds aim to demonstrate through this report that women’s funds are, and remain strategic partners during, and beyond the COVID-19 response because they facilitate vital resources to diverse groups and communities, particularly those often disadvantaged by mainstream assistance; and women’s funds work is close to the ground, supporting local and sustainable solutions.


Prospera International Network of Women’s Funds is a membership association linking women’s funds to promote philanthropy with a feminist perspective. Prospera’s mission is to strengthen the work of women’s funds to empower women, girls, and trans* people to transform their lives and communities. The Network brings together women’s funds from all over the world to support, identify, prioritise, and implement strategies to mobilise more resources for women and girls’ rights. Prospera’s Asia and the Pacific regional chapter include eight women’s funds based in Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Mongolia, Nepal, South Korea, and Sri Lanka.

Women’s Fund Fiji (formerly Fiji Women’s Fund)

HER Fund

Korea Foundation for Women

Mongolian Women’s Fund

South Asia Women Foundation India (SAWF IN)

Tewa (Nepal women’s fund)

Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights, Asia, and Pacific

Women’s Fund Asia

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Responding to feminist movements during COVID-19 [full]

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Responding to feminist movements during COVID-19 [summary]