Researcher and Data Analyst: Gender and Climate Justice Movement Resourcing Consultant(s)

Terms of Reference

We are looking ideally for a team of two consultants- one with data expertise, another with experience
and/or knowledge of and with environmental justice and gender justice movements who can conduct
analysis of data to tell stories.

Concept: Prospera INWF, Global Greengrants Fund, Human Rights Funders Network, and with the
support of Impact Mapper are conducting an analysis of combined data from their own networks and
programmes with the aim of answering the following questions:

  1. What was the total funding for gender and environmental justice by all of us in 2021?
  2. How do we define this term?
  3. Where did this money go (by region, to whom, for what)?/ who are the grantees?
  4. Where did this money come from? Who were the funders-by class and category?
  5. So what? Stories of funding for change/impact
    Based on our results, we will make the case for an increase in funding at this intersection, through
    particular ways, and in certain places, throughout 2024.

Deadline: December 15, 2023

  • Desk research and data mining
  • In depth interviews (preparing interview guide, identifying interviewees, conducting interviews)
  • Drafting/revising report
  • Drafting/revising case studies
  • Prepare presentation on findings
  • Executive Summary


  • Analysis of resources for gender justice movements from climate justice/environment/ecology
  • Analysis of gender and climate linkages/movement resourcing- including from ODA, human
    rights, development, climate, private philanthropy
  • 10 top-line headings of findings and data that point to funding feminist movements for climate
    justice globally
  • Analysis of data gaps: by sector, by type, by size, by issues
  • 5 compelling case studies of resourcing gender just climate solutions/groups/movements (in
    other words, how supporting women is transformative not only because of particular resistance
    strategies that they employ but also on how they contribute to communities as a whole-at
    times different to when men lead processes).
  • Identifying achievements of gender and climate movements
  • Identifying gaps of gender justice and climate movements, including a nuanced understanding of
  • Developing, deploying, and analyzing surveys in multiple languages
  • Write an analysis of the results, draw conclusions and make recommendations
  • Conduct in-depth interviews and case studies.

    The contractor(s) must be able to gain:

  • An understanding of the landscape of climate/gender justice resourcing/finance and access to
    funding for Black/Indigenous/marginalized groups for environmental/climate action
  • An understanding of the landscape of climate/gender justice resourcing/finance and access to
    funding for work on: forest, agroecology, green energy, mangroves, oceans, minerals, among
    others, as it pertains to women/gender non-binary led efforts or that come from a feminist
  • An understanding of the priority issues for women and feminist climate advocates
  • An understanding of how feminist climate movements are organized
  • Expected Results:
  • Data analysis
  • Report on feminist climate movement resources, movement ‘health’, financial sustainability and
    resilience (including issue priorities, support gaps, challenges, organizational patterns etc.)
  • Findings and data that point to the experience of feminist climate movements in resourcing
  • 5 case studies on the achievements / impact / stories of change of feminist climate movements
  • Raw results of survey that serve as a baseline for the FLAC
  • Interview transcripts that serve as a baseline for FLAC

    To Apply:
    Please send an expression of interest with an estimated schedule, timeline, number of days it will take to complete, and daily rate with a total budget by July 30, 2023, to Sofia Karakaidou at We will give priority to consultants from or with extensive experience living in the Global South.