2021 in retrospective: highlights of the year

2022 Greetings!
Amidst these multiple and global crises, organized and collective responses are more urgent than ever. For Prospera INWF, 2021 was a ride full of action. Our 44 diverse and autonomous members continue to be innovative, flexible, and adaptable in a time when the future and present have become highly unpredictable and in constant change. Women’s Funds members of Prospera are rapidly moving to find creative ways to mobilize flexible resources where political and economic strife, health crises, and environmental destruction are increasing challenges for reaching women, girls and trans people and their communities at the forefront of the fight for gender equality.

As we continue to navigate agitated waters, 2022 will bring about deep transformation and reflection for Prospera INWF. The network has come together to collectively build Noor, our Participatory Strategic Framing Process for the next decade. We will celebrate this year-long process at an in-person Biennial on the first week of December!


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