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We are a global political network of bold, intersectional, diverse, and autonomous women’s and feminist funds that nurture transformation by resourcing, supporting, and accompanying movements led by women, girls, trans, intersex, and non-binary people, and collectives primarily on the Global South and East.

Women's and Feminist Funds

Women’s and feminist funds members of Prospera are crucial for gender, social and environmental transformation. Funds provide flexible and long-term resources, sustained support and accompaniment to movements led by women, girls, trans, non-binary, and intersex people and collectives worldwide.

In Prospera, we believe fiercely in the power of feminist movements to bring this world into being and in the unique role that women’s and feminist funds play in resourcing them toward this end.

The Network

We are a diverse and interconnected network committed to resource justice through our feminist grantmaking as well as our advocacy work. We aim to transform power and shift practices within the global aid and philanthropic ecosystems in order to redistribute resources to intersectional feminist and women’s movements primarily in the Global South and East in equitable and socially just ways.

We strengthen and support our network of women’s and feminist funds from within with care, collaboration, solidarity, transparency, and co-responsibility to ensure our collective power, sustainability, and flourishing. 

Prospera's Strategic Framework

In 2022, Prospera’s fund members alongside the network’s Board and secretariat team, dedicated a full year to collectively build our strategic framework for the next decade.

Prospera’s strategic framework was devised to embody our collective power. It served not only as a profound strategic visioning process but also as an opportunity to explore how to conduct strategic planning for a diverse and complex network like Prospera in a feminist and participatory manner.

In the last five years, Prospera’s grantmaking increased significantly, bringing flexible, predictable and long-lasting funding to movements mainly located in the Global South and East. We are shifting from a place of scarcity towards one of abundance and collective sustainability, but there’s still work to be done. Find out what 5 years of collective action, reach, influence and opportunities can achieve!

Calls to Action

Support Feminist movements in Sudan Now!

Over the last four months, Sudan has been thrown into crisis. The rise of violence against the civilian population across the country keeps worsening the already existent humanitarian and displacement catastrophe. To date, over 2.5 million people – including women, girls and minority groups and their communities – have been displaced inside and outside Sudan. Currently, half of the Sudanese population – over 24.7million people – need immediate humanitarian aid and protection. 

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