Prospera members supporting feminist movements in Turkiye and Syria


On February 6th, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred in Southern Turkiye near the northern border of Syria. The quake was followed by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake around 59 miles to the Southwest. Both earthquakes have left a trail of damage to lives, infrastructure and systems in Turkiye and Syria. The first quake was centered near Gaziantep in South-Central Turkey – home to thousands of Syrian refugees and other humanitarian actors in the area. 

There has been grave concern about the situation that has endangered the safety of Turkiye and Syria habitants particularly women, girls, trans, non-binary persons and marginalized communities over the last couple of months. The current crisis, which displaced over 1.5 million people in a matter of days, has caused an urgent humanitarian crisis. The dwindling humanitarian setting has begged for urgent response by feminist and women-led movements and humanitarian actors. 

Women’s funds that are part of Prospera mobilize action in the funding communities that we are part of to ensure that feminist activists, groups, organizations, movements, and human rights defenders are protected, safe, and able to continue their work, including in situations of multiple crises. 

Imperatively and in response to the current situation, our members – Urgent Action Fund and Doria Feminist Fund are working to ensure support reaches women, girls , trans and feminist groups, movements and their communities.
If you would like to support women, girls, trans, non-binary and intersex activists on the ground – in Turkey and Syria, we encourage direct support to Prospera’s members – Urgent Action Fund and Doria Feminist Fund that are mobilizing immediate, mid and long-term responses.

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